EVA designs, builds, installs and operates the solar power system, bearing all the costs.
We agree on a set price for the electricity produced and consumed by the customer, who will see an immediate cut in energy costs.
At the end of the contract the solar panels become theirs, with no extra costs.


Installation costs nothing and
at the end of the contract
becomes the client's.

EVA takes care of all the procedures, designs, authorises, builds and manages its plants, tailored to the different situations, bearing all the relative costs. That's not all. It also takes care of any necessary improvements and maintenance. In the end, after the period stipulated in the contract, the system becomes the property of the customer, at no additional cost. In the meantime, the bills and the environmental impact are reduced. Not bad, right?

The environment will thank you.

We now know all about the serious consequences that the consumption of fossil fuels has on the ecosystem. More and more companies are taking concrete action to limit their carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, using sustainable energy and also saving on ever higher raw material prices. The EVA Group offers a simple and ecological alternative to the old system, which improves the company's image, costs less and helps you breathe easier.

Immediate savings in the bill
and the price remains fixed.

EVA's offer for small and medium enterprises is particularly advantageous because it allows a significant cut in costs in the bill from the outset. The percentage of savings is variable: it can be up to 20% on the bill and 50% on the share of energy, depending on the interventions carried out, the areas available and the optimisation of existing resources. And the great thing is that the price is not affected by changes in raw materials, remaining fixed for the duration of the entire contract.

Every project is
custom-made from scratch.

The situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy is highly specific. EVA has developed a proposal that best enhances the potential of each individual company. It is not only a question of designing and installing a solar power system suitable for the available space, but also of optimising existing resources, with interventions aimed at greater savings and lower environmental impact.


Analysis and verification.1

We start by looking at the current situation, energy consumption in the bill, and projecting future costs. This preliminary phase is necessary in order to assess how to optimise interventions in the field. EVA bears all the costs of this phase and the following ones.

Preliminary proposal.2

After the on-site survey, EVA's energy engineers study the characteristics of the existing installations and draw up a preliminary proposal. The customer will be presented with a comprehensive plan of technological interventions to improve energy efficiency.


After the customer approves the preliminary proposal, a detailed study of the interventions to be carried out, based on the specific needs of the site, is carried out. Every EVA customer is offered an ad hoc solution.

Paperwork management.4

Obtaining authorisation for the proposed interventions requires specific expertise. EVA will take care of all the procedures with professionalism, on the strength of its ISO 9001:2008, ISO 50001:2011 and UNI 11352:2014 certifications.


EVA coordinates and oversees the work for the implementation of the efficiency measures. All at their own expense, of course.


Once the installations have been built, EVA will take care of them, at no cost to the customer. In fact, it offers a maintenance and assistance service for the entire duration of the contract, guaranteeing great continuity of service in addition to savings.